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MyOwns introduces itself...

This short film explains the uses and benefits of MyOwns.

How it works

How does the MyOwns lost and found service work? We would like to explain this in a few simple steps.

NICKNAME – What is that?

Nicknames are known from the most diverse platforms on the Internet. They serve to disguise one's own identity. At MyOwns, you can stay in touch via your personal MyOwns nickname with strangers without revealing your personal information, such as your email address or mobile number. How does it work?

Already with the first registration at MyOwns, you generate your nickname (= username). It is nothing else than a MyOwns code. Anyone can send you a MyOwns message to the e-mail address you provided, but using your nickname instead. Your e-mail address will not be shared. You will exchange your messages anonymously via the MyOwns servers. The nickname code is like an anonymous and discreet business card. So, strangers can keep in touch with you without disclosing them your personal data such as address or phone number. The nickname is usually much shorter and easier to remember than any mobile phone number or e-mail address.

Of course, you can also use company names or abbreviations in nicknames to allow business customers easy and quick contact with the company.

LOST – You've lost something?

You lost an item? Then open the MyOwns website, and go to "Lost" and click on "Lost something?".

First, we will ask you if you have marked your item with a personal MyOwns Code prior to the loss of the product?

Yes? Then please select the code from the selection list.
Is your answer no? Then please leave the field in the selection list empty.

  1. Object description – What did you lose?
  2. Time and place – When and where did you lose the object?
  3. Finder's fee – How much will you give the honest finder of your object? Don't be too frugal – the more attractive the reward, the higher the probability that it will be returned.
  4. Publish – In the last step, we will inform you about our T&Cs and data privacy policy before putting your notification online.

FOUND – You've found something?

Open the MyOwns website, go to "Found" and click on "Found something?".

First, you should check if you found an object that carries a MyOwns label or MyOwns tag. Take a close look. Perhaps the label is not visible at first glance.

  1. You found an object with a MyOwns label? Then simply enter the code into the corresponding field on our website or click on "Message" and you can contact the owner immediately. You only must enter a text and send it. Please also let us know how the owner can contact you regarding the return of your object. You do not want to divulge any personal information such as your mobile phone number or your email address, and would like to initially remain anonymous? MyOwns offers you a safe and anonymous way to contact other users through the MyOwns server. To receive text messages, you only need to enter your mobile phone number or email address in your MyOwns account under "My Account" and "Edit my profile". Of course, we don’t forward your personal data to anyone. We promise! Whether anonymous or direct: the owner will contact you soon.

    Tip: With "Check code" you can view the owner's notification message (e.g. "This object belongs to William Smith."). You know the owner personally? Then you can skip the step of entering an "object found" notification and return the object directly back to the known owner.

  2. You found an object without any Myowns label? Then please leave this field blank. In three simple steps, you are now guided through the "Object found" notification process. First you must provide a description of the found object. Then you are asked about time and place. When and where did you find the object? In the last step, we will inform you about our T&Cs and data privacy policy before authorising your "Object found" notification.


You would like to better protect your personal objects from permanent loss? Then safeguard and protect all your products using MyOwns labels. There are various sizes available in our webshop. All labels have an 8-digit, alphanumerical code. If you add this code to your MyOwns profile, then this code will always be connected to you and your product. No other person can register a product using the same code. If you lose a product containing a MyOwns label, an honest finder will see the label. By entering the 8-digit code on our website www.myowns.com, the finder can immediately get in touch with you.

Please consider that products with a visible label will more likely make a thief second guess about stealing it, since the device is clearly allocated to you. Even inadvertently taken objects can be easily clarified. If required, please use your computer or mobile phone to enter the MyOwns code on www.myowns.com under the menu item " Check MyOwns Code", or scan the barcode using an appropriate app (e.g. Quick Scan). Open the Internet address shown in your app and view the personal message written by the owner (e.g. "This object belongs to William Smith."). How cool!


If you have found something, then you are entitled to an appropriate reward upon return of the object to its rightful owner. In Germany, the reward is 5% on a product value of up to €500; the reward is 3% on amounts over €500. Simply submit a notification of discovery so that the owner is made aware that his/her object has been found.