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I lost something. What should I do?

Go to the MyOwns website and go to "Lost" and click on "Lost something".

report a loss

First, we will ask you if you have marked your item with a personal MyOwns Code prior to the loss of the product?

Yes? Then please select the code from your personal code list.

No? Then please leave this field blank.

In four successive steps, you are now guided through the loss report. First you must provide a description of the lost object. Then you are asked about the time and place. When and where did you lose the object? Then you will be asked about entering a finder's fee that you would be willing to pay the honest finder. Don't be too frugal – the more attractive the finder's fee, the higher the probability that it will be returned. In the last step, we will inform you about our T&Cs and data privacy policy before being able to publish your notification.

How will the lost object be returned to me?

First you need to complete the loss report. When someone finds your object, he will contact you through MyOwns. You can negotiate a reward directly with him or her in exchange for the found item.

How can I protect objects from permanent loss?

You would like to better protect your objects from permanent loss? Then safeguard and protect all of your products using MyOwns labels.

In our shop, you will find numerous types to choose from. The labels have an 8-digit, alphanumerical code. If you add this code to your MyOwns profile, then this code will always be connected to you and your product. No other person can register a product using the same code. If you lose a product containing a MyOwns label, an honest finder will see the label. By entering the 8-digit code on our website www.myowns.com, the finder can immediately get in touch with you.

Please consider that a product with a visible label will more likely make a thief think twice about stealing it, since the device is clearly allocated to you. Even inadvertently taken objects can be easily clarified. Simply use your mobile phone (smartphone) and enter the MyOwns code on www.myowns.com under "Verify code" and you will see a personal message from the owner (e.g. "This object belongs to William Smith."). How cool!

Do I have to purchase the labels from the MyOwns shop?

No, you can also print your own labels. To do this, please use a white sheet of paper and print the labels on your own printer using the print template that can be downloaded from the MyOwns website. There is not a more cost-effective way! Suitable blank, self-adhesive label sheets can also be found in the MyOwns shop.

Where can I get MyOwns labels?

The ready-to-use MyOwns labels can be purchased in the MyOwns shop (go to shop). Furthermore, you can print the labels on your own using a blank template. Blank templates for self-adhesive labels can also be purchased in the MyOwns shop.

I've found an object. What should I do?

Visit the MyOwns website and go to "Found" and click on "Found something?".

Funde melden

First, the crucial question must be answered. Did you find an object that has a MyOwns label or MyOwns tag? Take a close look, perhaps the label is not visible at first glance.

Object found with MyOwns label!

You found an object with a MyOwns label? Then simply enter the code into the corresponding field on our website or click on "Message" and you can contact the owner immediately. You only must enter a text and send it. Please also let us know how the owner can contact you regarding the return of your object. You do not want to divulge any personal information such as your mobile phone number or your email address, and would like to initially remain anonymous? MyOwns offers you a safe and anonymous way to contact other users through the MyOwns server. To receive text messages, you only need to enter your mobile phone number or email address in your MyOwns account under "My Account" and "Edit my profile". Of course, we don’t forward your personal data to anyone. We promise! Whether anonymous or direct: the owner will contact you soon.

Tip: With "Verify code" you can view the owner's notification message (e.g. "This object belongs to William Smith."). You know the owner personally? Great. Then you can save the step of entering an "object found" notification and return the object directly.

Object found without a MyOwns label?

You found an object without any Myowns label? Then please create a found report on our website. To do so, please click on FOUND on our homepage and select:

Funde melden

Leave the first field about the MyOwns code blank. In three simple steps, you are now guided through the found report process. First you must provide a description of the found object. Then you are asked about time and place. When and where did you find the object? In the last step, we kindly ask you to confirm our T&Cs and data privacy policy before we publish your found report.

How do I know that a person that contacts me is really the owner of the found object?

If the object has been secured with a MyOwns code, then please go to "Check MyOwns-Code" on our homepage and enter the code. The system will show you a short standard text provided by the owner. It may or may not show the owner's identity (e.g. name). Anyhow, the owner should know his text. So, ask him about it. If he knows it then you have your proof.

If the object does not have a code, then you can ask the person to describe the product and provide some of its distinguishing characteristics – things only the owner would know. If he or she can name at least a few of them, then you can be assured.

Tip for a loss report: When describing the characteristics of a non-coded object in a lost report, do not name all specific characteristics of the object. Keep a few of them to yourself, since you can use these to test the ownership claim.

May I keep the object I find?

It doesn't matter if you've found an expensive smartphone or a self-knitted wool hat: you are not allowed to just keep items you find. The basic premise is that if you have found an item that someone else has clearly lost then you are obligated to bring it to the police or similar location such as the city's lost and found bureau (usually the local regulatory agency). The German Civil Code states that the person who finds an object must notify the person who lost the object or the owner, if known. If you don’t know them, then you need to inform the police or the nearest Lost and Found office of the township. The notification must be made immediately, in other words, as quickly as possible. If you do not make a notification of the found object and keep it, you are guilty of concealment. Possible outcomes are fines and in serious cases, even imprisonment. An exception: The object's value is under €10. Then you may keep it. [Partially extracted from "Frankfurter Rundschau, 03 March 2013"]

How long do I have to wait before I can keep the object I've found?

In accordance with German law, the lost and found office is obligated to retain the object for at least six months. Exceptions are perishable goods and those goods whose results in significant costs. If the loser of the object does not come forward, then the finder can claim the found object.

How much is the reward?

If you have found something, then you are entitled to an appropriate reward upon return of the object to its rightful owner. In Germany, the reward is 5% on amounts of up to €500 of the current product value; the reward is 3% on amounts over €500. For example, if you find a brand-new mobile phone valued at €500, then you are entitled to a reward of €25. However, it is up to the owner to determine the reward. Please submit a notification of discovery as soon as possible so that the owner is made aware that their object has been found. Then you can negotiate an appropriate reward on your own. If the owner has already registered his lost object on the MyOwns website, then he or she was requested to enter a reward upon registration. Check the "lost items" list to see if notification of the lost object has been made. There you can view the amount of the promised reward.

Do I have to pay a reward?

In Germany, yes. We expressly recommend offering an attractive finder's fee in order to increase the chances of having your object returned to you.

What should I do if the owner does not want to pay a finder's fee?

The object should only be returned once the owner has declared their willingness to pay an appropriate finder's fee. If required, MyOwns will calculate a finder's fee as per German law (Art. 971 BGB). For larger amounts, we suggest using an escrow account. MyOwns recommends ECO Treuhandservice (www.eco-treuhand.de).

What does the MyOwns service cost?

The MyOwns service is free of charge. Even the registration on the MyOwns website is free. MyOwns is financed through code licensing, advertising and the sale of shop items. If you print the labels yourself, then you only must pay for the costs of the blank labels. Consequently, we are only talking about a few cents per secured object. Is this not worth to protect your beloved objects against a permanent loss?

Does MyOwns charge any fees? Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. Your registration does not obligate you to anything. You can use our contacting as well as the lost & found service free of charge.

What does MyOwns do with my data?

The protection of your data is very important to MyOwns. We promise you that we will not forward your data to third parties without your express permission. We only store and save as much data as we require for our services.

Does MyOwns forward my data to other companies?

Not without your approval! Data is only forwarded with your approval. This implicitly occurs if, for example, you add personalised data in the text of your anonymously forwarded message. Be careful what you write in this text field.

Do I have to count on receiving advertising in the mail once I registered with MyOwns?

No! MyOwns does not forward customer data to other companies, especially not for advertising purposes. Your data is safe with us!